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The Vital Importance Of Being A Trusted Advisor

  Anyone can become an advisor - but not everyone can become trusted.   Trust is the holy grail of all great client relationships. As tax professionals, we know that the quality and depth ...

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Why micro managing your team is the equivalent of handing your people my business card

You hire someone because of their ability, their creativity, their skills and their knowledge. You don’t hire someone to simply be a conduit of your thoughts - unless you are a micromanager. And, n...

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Recruiting for Tax? How do you guarantee you meet the industry’s best, the top 10% performers, without wasting precious time?

A yearlong study conducted by a team from McKinsey & Co. - a study involving 77 companies and almost 6,000 managers and executives - concluded that the most important corporate resource over the ne...

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Recruiting for tax staff? What you need to know before you choose to work with an agency

  Anyone who has ever searched for a job or wanted to fill a position will understand that there seems to be a boom in recruitment companies. They are springing up all over the place, with fancy...

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How to ask for an increase in salary in the profession and not regret it

  Asking for a pay rise is probably something that you have been putting off and you may even feel that leaving your job and finding a better one is preferable - but asking for a payrise really ...

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How To Survive Your First 6 Months Working For A Niche Recruitment Agency

  Interview with Lucy Greenwood, Recruitment Consultant    What is your background? Psychology graduate BSc (Hons), this is my first job after graduating.   Why did you choose re...

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Lost your best employee? This might be the reason why

As an employer there's a good chance that you offer good employment opportunities for all your staff – and in particular for those employees who you want to retain. And yet, one of your best staff ...

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How to make your organisation look attractive to the candidate that “is not actively looking”

  The jobs market is changing and quickly. In the last few months unemployment figures have dropped by 58,000 to just under 6%, the lowest rate since 2008. This has meant that increasingly, it i...

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Shared parental leave rights: Why this is great for your staff retention

  Finding and keeping the best employees is a priority for all businesses. The best people bring in the best clients, they work hard, they offer value for money and they have commitment to the g...

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