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How to make your organisation look attractive to the candidate that “is not actively looking”

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How to make your organisation look attractive to the candidate that “is not actively looking”


The jobs market is changing and quickly. In the last few months unemployment figures have dropped by 58,000 to just under 6%, the lowest rate since 2008. This has meant that increasingly, it is becoming harder for employers to find the candidates they need, with the right skills and at the right price. As recruiters, we are having to try and lure people away from their existing roles and into pastures green. Not an easy task.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reported last year that 75% of organisations were having trouble with finding the right people to fill roles. But there is plenty that you as the employer can do to make things easier for us and for yourself. The key is to make your offer irresistible and to encourage the passive candidate, who is simply doing their current role well, to consider life with a new employer.


How do you present yourself and your business?


When a new candidate is approached by a recruitment company with the offer of an interview, they will invariably check out the organisation on the internet or ask around. The presentation of your business needs to be top notch to encourage top notch candidates. This includes a professional and interesting website, easily accessible and informative bio's of the people they could be working with and a tone or buzz that inspires confidence.


This also extends to the interview process itself. Remember that you are trying to impress the potential employee as much as they are you. Be friendly and remember to point out all the great things about working for your organisation. Never forget that your interviewee is only there because we asked them to be – they are not looking for a job. Yet.


Is what you are offering worthwhile?


Your candidate is going to take some convincing to switch from a job they are comfortable in towards one that is unfamiliar. You need to convince them and offering some of the following will certainly help.


  • A higher salary than their current one. This can be enhanced with share options and bonuses. You may also want to consider health and dental insurances. Your pension should be the best you can afford and the holiday package should be attractive. Maybe offer a day off for free on the employees birthday.
  • A range of perks such as flexible time, working from home, travel loans, bicycle schemes, regular outings or work events and free office snacks, tea and coffee.
  • The right office attitude towards the environment with clear policies on discrimination and equality. Is the wellbeing of your employees important to you?
  • The potential for moving up the ladder and a clear pathway for the future. Be able to show how other employees have improved their jobs and gotten promotions. Offer a time-line for this.
  • Focus on growth. Is your firm on an upwards trajectory? Is it improving year on year and do you see good things in the future. Can you prove this?


Not all of these aspects are going to cost you money – some are simply feelings and emotional connections. Creating the type of environment where an employee feels looked after can be the difference between the candidate choosing you or the higher paying competitor.


Word of these types of perks get out and your business will become a sought after workplace for lots of candidates.


Don’t wait around if you see the right candidate…


The best candidates (even the passive ones) will be snapped up quickly once they express an interest in moving jobs. Many companies out there will be watching and waiting for the best people to come on to the market. So you need to move quickly and decisively.


Obviously, we can help with this process and ensure that interviews, offers and contracts are quickly taken care of. Likewise the process of salary negotiations is very important and something that a recruitment specialist will be able to advise on.


The process of engaging with and choosing the right candidate for an open role in your company doesn't have to arduous or lengthy – with the right encouragement, you will be able to attract the exact types of people that you dream of even if they don't yet know that the grass really is greener.









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