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Preparing for Success: How to Ace Your Initial Senior Interview at an Accountancy Firm

​Preparing for a senior interview at an accountancy firm can be a daunting task. The stakes are high, and the expectations are even higher. However, with the right approach and mindset, you can con...

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Believe In Uself

​You Have Gotten 10x Better at Your Job and Have Been "Thanked" with a 3% Pay Rise - What Do You Do Next?

​Receiving a modest pay raise despite significant improvement in your job performance can be both confusing and frustrating. Here’s a strategic approach to handling the situation constructively and...

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What You Must Beware Of When You Use A Tax Recruitment Agency - And Why It's Vital To Work With A Trusted Advisor

 “There is no greater source of distrust than advisors who appear to be more interested in themselves than in trying to be of service to the client. We must work hard to show that our self-orientat...

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Career Stuck

Why Most People Get Stuck in Their Careers

Many individuals find themselves at a standstill in their careers at one point or another, feeling as though they're not making the progress they'd hoped for. This stagnation can be frustrating and...

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Career Again

The Top 14 Actions That Guarantee Career Success At An Accountancy Firm

​​1 - Think and act like you are already in the job you want. Take on extra responsibility and look to assist partners with challenges. If you are a supervisor, think like a manager. Observe the du...

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Imposter I

Stepping Up to Leadership: Embracing the Role and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

​Taking on a leadership role can be a pivotal moment in one's career. It's an opportunity to influence, guide, and make decisions that will shape the future of a team or organisation. However, this...

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The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make When Someone Resigns—And What to Do Instead

​​Employee resignations are an inevitable part of running an organisation. It is crucial for leaders to handle these situations with care and professionalism. However, there is a common mistake lea...

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Dead End

Warning Signs: Critical Changes to Make Before Your Career Hits a Dead End

​Feeling stuck in your career can be disheartening, but it's not the end of the road. It's a signal that it's time to make some pivotal changes. If you feel like your career progress is stalling an...

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Remote Work

​Navigating the Hybrid Work Model: Strategies for Tax Professionals to Stand Out

​The shift to a hybrid work model, blending in-office and remote work, presents unique challenges and opportunities for tax professionals. In an environment where face-to-face interactions are limi...

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End Of Year

​End-of-Year Reflections: Mapping Your Professional Journey in Taxation

​As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time for tax professionals to reflect on their career progress and set goals for the future. At Creative Tax Recruitment we understand the unique ch...

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Jobs Make A Thing

​"You Have Received Multiple Job Offers - Well Done! Now, How Do You Decide?"

​First and foremost, congratulations! Securing multiple job offers is a testament to your skills, experience, and the strong impression you've made during the interview process. But having various ...

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The Power of Mentorship: How Finding a Mentor Can Accelerate Your Career Growth

In the complex, ever-evolving professional landscape, having a guide can make the journey less daunting and more rewarding. This truth underscores the immense value of mentorship in career developm...

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Ai Stencil

Dear Chat GPT will AI make tax consultants obsolete? I asked our future AI overlord a question about the future of tax consultancy and this was its answer.

​Dear Chat GPT will AI make tax consultants obsolete? I asked our future AI overlord a question about the future of tax consultancy and this was its answer.​“Tax consultants, also known as tax advi...

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Hiring Leaders and Stepping Aside: The Simple Route to Organisational Success

In today's dynamic business environment, hiring the right talent isn't just about filling roles; it's about bringing in visionaries who can drive initiatives, inspire teams, and create lasting impa...

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Career Oneway

From Reflection to Action: A Career Planning Blueprint for Tax Experts

​"What do you want to achieve from your career and where do you want to end up?" This is a question that's likely echoed in your mind at various stages of your professional journey.Your career traj...

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Change Ii

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Navigating the Crossroads of Career Choices

​The journey of a career, much like life itself, is rarely a straight path. At times, we may feel bound to our roles, echoing Macbeth’s sentiment, “They have tied me to a stake. I cannot fly, But, ...

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Leading with Confidence: 5 Must-Ask Questions for Aspiring Managers in interview at an Accounting Firm.

​Job interviews are as much an opportunity for you to assess the firm as they are for the firm to assess you. Especially at the managerial level, the alignment of values, expectations, and growth t...

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Change (1)

What To do When Your New Job Is Not What You Expected

​Life is a series of decisions and choices that we must make, often without complete information or certainty. In the professional world, one of the most significant decisions we make is accepting ...

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Talent 2

Fostering a Purpose-Driven Culture: The Secret to Retaining Top Talent

​In today's rapidly changing work landscape, fostering a sense of purpose in the workplace is crucial to retaining top talent and maintaining employee satisfaction. As more individuals seek careers...

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7 Powerful Reasons Why Change Is Good For You

Staying in your comfort zone can feel calming and reassuring in the short-term, but it’s not a fun way to live. Challenging the status quo can help you to transform your lifestyle and increase emot...

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