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Want To Beat Inflation? Get a Pay Rise Research - Why strong negotiation skills can help you win the tax salary you deserve

Published 20 days ago by Medet Ali
​Inflation has already impacted our lives in countless ways and looks poised to do so for the foreseeable future. To cope, many people are making sacrifices to stay afloat. In a recent Ipsos survey, 49% of participants said they would cut back on heating and electricity, and 3... Read More →

What You Must Beware Of When You Use A Tax Recruitment Agency - And Why It's Vital To Work With A Trusted Advisor

Published 24 days ago by
 “There is no greater source of distrust than advisors who appear to be more interested in themselves than in trying to be of service to the client. We must work hard to show that our self-orientation is under control.”The Trusted Advisor, David Maister Are you fed up of deali... Read More →

What You Must Do Before Entering the Tax Job Market -And why it’s important to understand your life AND career goals

Published 24 days ago by Medet Ali
​Entering the tax job market can be overwhelming, between trying to find the ideal position, making the right contacts, and establishing yourself in the interview process. Before this stage even takes place, however, there’s also the challenge of exploring your goals, both pro... Read More →

How To Advance Your Career in Accountancy

Published 24 days ago by Medet Ali
​Finding ways to genuinely advance your career can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill at times. You put your head down and plan and execute but make little to no progress. You’re not alone – over a third of adults (34%) are looking to change their job or career in the next ... Read More →

The Great Resignation: Accountancy Firms Face Urgent Labour Challenges -How industry leaders can attract and retain workers from a shrinking talent pool

Published 8 months ago by Medet Ali
​Job loyalty, once considered a desirable trait for professionals regardless of industry, could be a thing of the past, as shown by the record number of job vacancies in the UK at the end of 2021 – 1,247,000 to be exact, according to the Office of National Statistics.​Employee... Read More →

The Top 14 Actions That Guarantee Career Success At An Accountancy Firm

Published 9 months ago by
​​1 - Think and act like you are already in the job you want. Take on extra responsibility and look to assist partners with challenges. If you are a supervisor, think like a manager. Observe the duties undertaken by your manager and watch to see how they deal with things. That... Read More →

The 7 Signs that it's time for a career change

Published 9 months ago by
 Do you get the Sunday evening dread? That lurch in your stomach when you know that you have work in under 12 hours?If so, that’s a telling sign. Are you in the wrong job entirely, or, have you just outgrown your current position?Here are 7 ways to tell when it’s time for a ch... Read More →

23 Smart Career Performance Review Questions

Published 9 months ago by Medet Ali
​What do you want to achieve from your career and where do you want to end up?  Planning for your career should be a continual process that allows you to monitor and alter your plan as and when circumstance dictate. Your life aspirations will change as you go on. As you get ol... Read More →

Creative Tax Recruitment Helps Qualified Tax Professionals Like You to Find Your Ideal Role the Easy Way

Published over 1 year ago by
 Take the Pain Out of your Job Hunt  SAVE TIME with a team that does all the hard work of the job search for you and only finds roles that meet your unique requirementsSTOP MISSING OPEN TAX OPPORTUNITIES and work with an expert team that finds your ideal tax job and provides y... Read More →

How To Successfully Advance At Work Through Positive Negotiations

Published over 1 year ago by
  As tax specialists, you probably recognize the value of building relationships at work. But have you ever thought that every single interaction you have is an opportunity to negotiate a better career? It's pretty simple. Our relationships can serve as a platform for us... Read More →

How to deal with work from home burnout

Published over 1 year ago by
    Feel like your life is on an endless loop of Zoom calls, cups of coffee, walks in the park and Netflix?   You’re far from alone. Many people are finding working from home during the pandemic somewhat stressful. Although recent research by Microsoft suggests we ... Read More →

How To Write A Follow Up Email After You Meet A Client

Published over 1 year ago by
Meeting a potential new client is always an exciting and interesting use of your time. You find things in common, chat about their intentions, and start the first throes of a working relationship. All seems to be going well, and you end on a positive note. But how do you ta... Read More →

How to Handle Behavioural Questions In Your Next Tax Interview

Published over 1 year ago by Emma P
  So you've got your next tax interview in the bag.    But now you're looking at the interview, and notice the behavioural component. You're pretty sure you can ace that section, but it'd be good to have that rock-solid confidence, right?   Learning how to deal ... Read More →

How to stop procrastinating and double your productivity at work.

Published over 1 year ago by
  The report that usually took you half an hour now ends up taking two. Even though you’re working at home, you find that you get less done than before - you’re stopping to put the washing on, have a quick hoover around the house, or text a friend. Before you know it,... Read More →

How to ask for a payrise in the age of Covid and actually get one

Published over 1 year ago by Emma P
  It’s in 2021. Things may still look dicey for the world, but the market is improving rapidly in the world of tax accountancy. There’s no doubt that last year, your world shifted quite significantly. You probably worked from home, conducting most of your meetings online... Read More →

How to get promoted in the age of Zoom and home working

Published almost 2 years ago by
  In 2020, we heard the well-repeated phrases ‘you’re on mute!’ and ‘you’re frozen!’ multiple times, through the numerous hours we all spent on Zoom. Forced with this new way of working, many struggled to adapt to a life where the boundaries of work and home become blu... Read More →

The Essential Qualities To Look For When Hiring Senior Leadership Staff

Published almost 2 years ago by
  Every workplace has at least one great leader. It is that person you turn to when you are unsure, who seems to set the perfect example and the person who is the lynchpin of the entire operation. Leadership is a quality that is hard to pin down. It is elusive for an excell... Read More →

10 Steps To Growing Your Practice and Securing Long-Term Client Loyalty - From Best Selling Author Andrew Sobell's Book All For One

Published almost 2 years ago by
  Growing your practice takes a lot of consistent effort. To stand out from your competition, your clients need to view you as a partner, not just a supplier.   How can tax advisors move from being 'just a supplier'?   As you're probably aware, it's all about th... Read More →

The Vital Importance Of Being A Trusted Advisor

Published almost 2 years ago by
  Anyone can become an advisor - but not everyone can become trusted.   Trust is the holy grail of all great client relationships. As tax professionals, we know that the quality and depth of our client relationships is the foundation for a successful career, and how w... Read More →

What Every Team Leader Must Know About Remote Management - And Why You Must Master It If You Want A High Performing Team

Published about 2 years ago by
  Remote working is becoming more and more popular. Team leaders need the right skills and tools to manage their remote teams and get the results that they want from their workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many teams have implemented remote working for their ... Read More →