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How To Negotiate A Real Pay Rise In An Accountancy Firm

Published 2 months ago by Medet Ali
If you are looking to negotiate a pay rise within your accountancy firm, it’s important that you put together a well thought out approach first. In order to sit your manager down and ask for a pay rise, you need to be able to justify why you are worthy of one. So here we have ... Read More →

How To Prepare For A Competency Based Interview

Published 3 months ago by Medet Ali
Congratulations! You’ve landed yourself an interview… but now the nerves are kicking in. You were probably expecting the standard face to face interview, but you’ve just discovered it’s going to be a competency-based interview and you’ve probably got a few questions about what... Read More →

What This Little Known King Who Ruled Over 2000 Years Ago Can Teach You About Leadership.

Published 4 months ago by Medet Ali
Leadership lessons from Ashurbanipal, King of the world, King of Assyria I recently visited the British museum to see the fantastic exhibition on the life of King Ashurbanipal. King Ashurbanipal of Assyria (r. 669–c. 631 BC) was at the time the most powerful man on earth. A wa... Read More →

Better Hiring Decisions: The Power of Executive Recruiting

Published 4 months ago by Medet Ali
Executives depend on the quality of their people to achieve their corporate and personal career goals. It is an old adage – and a true one – that the best jockey cannot win races if he only rides slow horses. A better understanding of the skills and abilities of executive recr... Read More →

A Four Step Process To Find Out What You Want To Achieve In Your Life And Career

Published 5 months ago by Medet Ali
What do you want to achieve from your career and where do you want to end up? Planning for your career should be a continual process that allows you to monitor and alter your plan as and when circumstance dictate. Your life aspirations will change as you go on. As you get olde... Read More →

How To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Published 6 months ago by Medet Ali
”Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” -Oprah Winfrey Make sure you are in the right job or organisation. We spend the vast majority of our time at work. I think it makes sense to ensure that we are in the right place for our goals and happiness. Gen... Read More →

Don't stress about your commute to London - work closer to home.

Published 8 months ago by Medet Ali
From Forbes to World-Class Universities, it is a commonly discussed finding that the longer the commute the higher a person’s stress levels. We’ve all had to give the excuse of ‘bad traffic’ or ‘delayed trains’ at least once. How about getting some of that wasted time back? Ho... Read More →

The Top Reasons That Tax Professionals Give For Leaving Their Jobs In The First Year

Published 8 months ago by Medet Ali
As an employer, that decision to employ a new member of staff is not taken lightly. You will recognise and allow for the time it takes to train that staff member, the added costs associated with their employment (including recruitment fees) and the possible disruption it may c... Read More →

Why you should set goals in life

Published 9 months ago by Medet Ali
Most people, if asked, would agree that that they have goals for the future. Of course they do. We all do, right? The goal to eat better, lose weight, make a million or to buy our first home. Goals are just there. Few of us think about why we set goals in the first place and f... Read More →

From mediocre to magnificent - what makes a great leader?

Published 11 months ago by Medet Ali
Every workplace has at least one great leader. It is that person you turn to when you are unsure, who seems to set the perfect example and the person who is the lynchpin of the entire operation. Leadership is a quality that is hard to pin down. It is elusive for a very good re... Read More →