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Competitive - Norwich

I am recruiting for a growing tax team that has a track record of advancing its staff. The firm is a tax-focused practice with a verifiable track record of success. The past may not be an absolute predictor of future success, but it's certainly an excellent place to start. The partners at this firm see their people as just that; people. Not numbers or cogs in a larger machine; but as individuals. That’s why the firm invests in you. You can sit down with the partner and map out where you want ... find out more →

Ref: 5083 | Published: about 18 hours ago
£40000 - £45000 per annum, Benefits: Very attractive commision structure on top of base - Edinburgh

I am representing a dynamic tax-focused business that will not just do OK in these challenging times but actively prosper. How many companies will be able to claim that over the next 12 months? This is an international tax consultancy that has a diverse client base of repeat customers. They have a great offering and are one of the market leaders. The business model works, and the offering is an “easy sell.” You will need your skills to get attention and convince your targets that they should ... find out more →

Ref: 0734c | Published: 1 day ago
£75000 - £85000 per annum, Benefits: Range of benefits - London

I have spent the last five years trying to convince this firm's staff to move. I finally gave in last year and decided to establish a relationship with the partners and recruit for the business. Why? The tax professionals who work here have always displayed a high level of job satisfaction and a strong commitment to the firm's mission. A Rare combination The practice is established, profitable and punches well above its weight. This is a successful team with high retention rates and very litt... find out more →

Ref: 4577 | Published: 1 day ago
£70000 - £90000 per annum, Benefits: Fast track your career - London

Top roles offer you high-level prospects, exciting work, job security and people you went to hand out with ( or at least chat to over Zoom!) daily. The practice demonstrated one of the best growth rates amongst mid-ranked firms last year, and the corporate tax consultancy team saw high double-digit growth The business is robust, thanks to its diverse client base and range of its offering. The team has a high level of staff retention, and the culture is friendly and supportive. The role will i... find out more →

Ref: 5035c | Published: 1 day ago
Competitive - Godalming

Surrey is a is a great place to live. But are you struggling to find a firm and role that can offer you a great career track and high quality work? We can do something that about. This top firm in Godalming offers you an opportunity for advancement. The partners here see their people as just that; people. Not numbers or cogs in a larger machine; but as individuals. It has become more and more apparent to firms that work lifestyle balance is incredibly important. The standard of work from a st... find out more →

Ref: 4770 | Published: 1 day ago