Newly Qualified CTA


You have passed some difficult exams and are now CTA qualified.

So now what?

Take the time to sit down with your employer and let them know exactly what you want from your career. Your boss is aware of your worth and is probably keen to hold on to you - this is your chance to find out how badly.

‘Take any 100 people at the start of their professional careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you will find, according to research undertaken: only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially secure; 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead; and 54 will be financially broke - dependent on laughable pension contributions, relatives, friends, even charity to achieve a minimum standard of living. 

That’s 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.’

Making the right move, or at the very least checking on your options, is the smart thing to do. Taking the time to look at what the market can offer you is not only prudent, but it can make the difference between either being in that 5% bracket or worrying about your finances into old age. 

What Are You Worth?

Salary Band(s)

London - £38,000 - £52,000

South East - £36,000 - £50,000

South West - £32,000 - £40,000

East Anglia - £28,000 - £35,000

Midlands - £36,000 - £44,000

North - £32,000 - £40,000

Scotland - £28,000 - £40,000

Northern Ireland - £28,000 - £30,000

What Are Your Options?

Stay In Practice?

The options for advancement in practice are many and the firms looking for qualified people include the Big 4, Top 50 and numerous independent firms. The only thing holding you back is your own ambition. Firms are keen to recruit CTA qualified candidates and can offer you the opportunity to specialise, move to a different tax area or focus on more consultancy based roles.


You may decide to move out of practice and see what it would be like working in one of the FTSE or dynamic AIM listed companies. Many qualified professionals move into industry to gain a fuller understanding of a business. Some stay and make a career out of industry; others prefer to take the valuable experience they have gained back into practice.

Try Something Different?

Why not work for a niche tax consultancy or make a move into a law firm or even try working in another tax jurisdiction. As a tax qualified consultant your options are global.

What Can We Offer You?

FREE Psychometric Testing  
By providing a detailed analysis of how you are likely to perform in interview we can assess your strengths and provide advice on which areas to improve on.

FREE Career Advice 
Sometimes you just want to talk to a recruitment consultant without being ‘sold’ a list of tax jobs. We can understand that. Whether it is career advice, salary benchmarking or advice on any other issue related to your career, we will always have the time to listen and offer you advice.

We are candidate driven not job motivated. We will gain an understanding of your needs and work to achieve them. We recruit for the UK and clients in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia and a number of offshore jurisdictions.

EXPERIENCED Tax Recruiters 
We understand the market, have the contacts and will not rest until we secure you a new position.

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