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Recruiting for tax staff? What you need to know before you choose to work with an agency

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Recruiting for tax staff? What you need to know before you choose to work with an agency


Anyone who has ever searched for a job or wanted to fill a position will understand that there seems to be a boom in recruitment companies. They are springing up all over the place, with fancy websites and great marketing spiel. But do they knew what they are doing? Yes, they probably meet the legislative requirements for their business, but are they the type of recruiter you want to use and how do you tell if they are the dodgy type? Choosing the right recruiter is a hit and miss affair and knowing the warning signs might just help you avoid the rogues.

Most recruitment companies know that 80% of their business are repeat clients. They are the ones who will pick up the phone every time they need a new employee because they trust the recruiter they are dealing with. Building a word of mouth business requires tenacity. They need to win over new clients and keep the old ones happy. Its tricky and takes an expert in negotiation and relationship building.

Choosing a recruiter

While the best way to find a recruitment agency is to go via word of mouth, you may be willing to take a punt on a new supplier. But before you do, there are a few questions you should be asking to help you establish if they are the ethical recruiter you want.

  • Are they sector experts? Most recruitment companies will specialise in certain sectors, because they are experts when it comes to that industry. They have contacts, insider knowledge and an ear to the ground for industry news. A recruitment agency that takes on any and all jobs won’t understand who the best candidates are.
  • Are they communicative? Most agencies will make the effort to keep in touch with their clients on a regular basis - however they will not be on the phone every week. Pushy sales techniques are an immediate turnoff and most recruiters who operate in an ethical manner will understand this.
  • Do they send unsolicited candidates or CVs? This is probably the worst type of recruiter. They are the ones who see that a job is available and ignore the fact that the employer is already working with another recruiter. They think they know better and they send details of candidates that have not been asked for. Its unfair on the candidate who believes the recruiter has a relationship with the employer and its unfair on the employer as they need to filter out these unsolicited CVs.
  • Do they provide an individualised service? As an employer you want to know that the candidates that are sent are chosen to meet your specific needs. This requires a recruiter that has a relationship with a wide and diverse range of candidates to choose from. You don’t want candidates who meet a small part of your requirements - you need people who going to allow you to build your business.
  • Can they show their successes? A recruitment agency that can show a good history of achievement in the sector has to be trusted over one that is just building its reputation. Many agencies are well known for their abilities and their connections - this makes it easier for the client to trust them and it implies that they will have a better quality of candidates.
  • Doing the right thing isn’t hard. Even if a recruitment agency is new and just starting out, they can undertake to be the very best of the beginners. Yes, they will take some time to build a reputation, but excellent customer service and an honest approach can take any business far. Using our hints above and taking the time to question the people you are working with can lead to a great long lasting relationship that will help you establish your business with the very best people.

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