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7 Powerful Reasons Why Change Is Good For You

Staying in your comfort zone can feel calming and reassuring in the short-term, but it’s not a fun way to live. Challenging the status quo can help you to transform your lifestyle and increase emot...

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How To Ask For A Pay Raise In An Accountancy Firm And Actually Get One You Are Happy With

  If you are looking to negotiate a pay rise within your firm, it’s important that you put together a well thought out approach first.  In order to sit your manager down and ask for a pay ris...

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How To Prepare For A Competency Based Interview

  Congratulations! You’ve landed yourself an interview… but now the nerves are kicking in.  You were probably expecting the standard face to face interview, but you’ve just discovered it’s go...

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Toxic employees - spotting them, managing them and even making the most of them

  Most of us have experienced this - that one person in the office who throws their weight around, who brings everyone else down, who refuses to work as part of a team, who is loudmouthed and ab...

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The Key to Securing the Best Career Possible

There’s something about the New Year that provokes perspective, reassessment and change. Going to the gym on 31st of December? Probably not. But January 1st… that one nights’ sleep makes all the di...

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How to Attract Millennials to Your Organisation

  A Millennial was born somewhere between 1980 and 2000. That generation of kids and young adults who are just starting careers or are currently working their way up the ladder. They are into te...

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How To Overcome Fear Of Change In Your Career

We are all familiar with that feeling of fear that comes from the unknown. It can rear its ugly head as a huge list of negative reasons why the change you are contemplating will not suit you. The a...

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Opportunities Galore For Tax Professionals in 2015

The latest very encouraging figures from the government are showing that unemployment is still dropping and that wages are also on the rise. This all looks like great news for accountants and accor...

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Do you pay the person or the role?

There is certainly something to be said for equality in terms of pay across similar roles and levels. In fact in some cases (people doing the same work for the same pay) it is actually a legal requ...

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