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How To Prepare For A Competency Based Interview

  Congratulations! You’ve landed yourself an interview… but now the nerves are kicking in.  You were probably expecting the standard face to face interview, but you’ve just discovered it’s go...

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Communicate your success to your superiors in a way that will make them sit up and take notice.

  You can never be great in a vacuum. If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it did it really happen? The answer in the workplace is usually a resounding no. If you are going to be felling ...

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The secret to achieving your career goals and ensuring 2017 is one of the most productive years of your professional life

The holiday period is a time of general merriment. The mulled wine is brought out, most will get a break from work and spend their time with family and friends. The world seems to pause giving you ...

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Showing Resilience On Your CV

Setting yourself apart from your peers during the process of job hunting is essential and one of the ways you can prepare a CV that will offer something new for your employer is by showing resilien...

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How to become the most memorable person in your office and be the first in line for promotion

  Whether your office is large or small, you will always notice that there is one person (or sometime a few people) who seem to be “the one”. They are the one who are great friends to everyone, ...

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7 things you can do that will make an immediate impact on your career in the tax profession.

    1  Think and act like you are already in the job you want. Take on extra responsibility and look to assist partners with challenges. If you are a supervisor, think like a manage...

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8 Traits Of High Performers And How To Emulate Them.

  These are some of the traits that I have observed top performers display in the profession. While this list is not exhaustive, these 8 traits stand out as being the easiest to emulate and ...

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FREE EBOOK - The Real Secrets of How To Advance In A Tax Practice

What's Really Sabotaging Your Career?   The single most important thing you must do if you want to get promoted at your firm.    The vital importance of planning for your career success.    ...

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Lucy Greenwood Discusses the Tax Market Outside of London - Interview with Chris Bale from

Q You have written an interesting article on the relative merits of working in the Regions rather than London ( Do you think that UK tax professionals are becoming le...

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The Key to Securing the Best Career Possible

There’s something about the New Year that provokes perspective, reassessment and change. Going to the gym on 31st of December? Probably not. But January 1st… that one nights’ sleep makes all the di...

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How To Give Up The Commute, Achieve A Great Work Lifestyle Balance and Still Have a Career

    London’s fast-paced environment and constantly growing market produces numerous career opportunities for tax professionals. For many, London is the plan, the goal, the destination. Unfort...

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Are we losing the art of face to face communication?

  This week I decided to do a little experiment. I put down the phone and the keyboard and I focused on face to face communication. I walked across the office to chat to colleagues and I took so...

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