7 Powerful Reasons Why Change Is Good For You

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7 Powerful Reasons Why Change Is Good For You

Staying in your comfort zone can feel calming and reassuring in the short-term, but it’s not a fun way to live. Challenging the status quo can help you to transform your lifestyle and increase emotional and physical wellbeing. 

With the potential to alleviate anxiety, broaden your horizons and minimise stress, change can bring about a variety of benefits. From moving house to switching careers; there’s no doubt change is good for you, providing it’s done for the right reasons. If you’re feeling apprehensive about pushing the envelope, take a look at the benefits change can offer you…

1. You gain confidence

When we succumb to change, we find out what we’re really made of. Invariably, we don’t realise how strong and capable we are until we’re put to the test. All too often, we listen to self-doubts and niggles, which prevents us from making changes. 

When you face these worries head-on and embrace change, you get the opportunity to challenge yourself. With these challenges comes increased confidence and faith in your own abilities. If you’re lacking in self-esteem, overcoming change is a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. 

2. You become more flexible

Repeating the same routine day after day leaves little room for adaptability or flexibility. Over time, the mere idea of change can become increasingly overwhelming and scary. When you commit to making changes, however, you can relax your routine and become more flexible. Both socially and professionally, adaptability is a positive trait and one which can bring valuable rewards.

3. Your lifestyle is enhanced

When we avoid change, we resign ourselves to repeating the same patterns. This means your lifestyle stays the same, with no peaks or troughs. If you decide to change your life, you can improve and enhance your lifestyle in any way you choose. 

From increasing your savings via a better-paid job to seeing more of your friends as you socialise more often; you’ll find numerous ways to enhance your lifestyle when you’re prepared to make a few small changes. 

4. You are more motivated

Once you’ve reaped the benefits of making one change, you’ll be eager to see how else you can make changes to your lifestyle. As you become more confident through change, your motivation to modify other aspects of your life will increase. 

Even when we desire change, it can be tricky to find the impetus to actually implement it. With this increased motivation, you’ll be inspired to make the changes you’ve always dreamed of. 

5. You develop more skills

Change means putting yourself in new environments and situations. This gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and hone existing ones. If you accept a new job, for example, you’ll maybe need to showcase a range of different skills in your new workplace. Without change, you have no reason to keep learning and adding to your abilities. When you’re willing to embrace change, however, you open yourself up to new learning opportunities frequently. 

6. You become more compassionate

When you stick rigidly to a routine, you can become rather stuck in your ways. As a result, it’s easy to view things from just one perspective. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re exposing yourself to a wider variety of scenarios, situations and conditions. In doing so, you gain the ability to view things from different vantage points. This insight naturally makes you more compassionate and empathetic, which helps you to understand, bond and collaborate with others more meaningfully and more effectively.

7. You attract more opportunities

Embracing the possibility of change will open up more opportunities than you ever thought possible. From spur of the moment adventures to exciting new career paths; there is no end to the opportunities that will come your way.

When you open yourself up to change, other people recognise your willingness and enthusiasm. This puts you at the top of their list when an opportunity to do something new comes along. As a result, you’ll find there is a world of possibilities to explore. 

Learning to Embrace Change

Despite the positive outcomes that change brings, it can still be a scary and overwhelming prospect. Although change is good for you, this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to take that first step out of your comfort zone. 

Fortunately, you can learn to embrace change and the benefits it offers. Once you do, you’ll be eager to continue your journey of personal and professional development. 




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