Recruiting For Staff

Getting the right person for the right job is as much about choosing the right recruitment agency as it is about conducting the right type of interview. It is a complicated process, hindered by time pressures and financial issues. You need to be sure that you are getting value for money and that the whole process will run smoothly in the short and long term. So what should you bear in mind when you are looking for the right staff member for your taxation role?

Choose the right recruitment agency

This first step is about as important as it gets. You need a recruitment agency which specialises in your industry and where you feel that you are getting the very best service. Creative Tax Recruitment is one of the few taxation specialist recruitment agencies around. Not only can we supply the very best people for your niche, you can talk to us about your requirements and know that we understand fully.

Understand the process

Knowing exactly how things will work with the hiring of your new staff member is essential. Talk this through with the recruitment consultant looking after your needs and make sure you know how they choose the right candidate, to what extent you will need to vet them and be very clear on any special needs.

These may include your salary limits, the number of interview candidates you want to see and the level of experience you expect from your potential employee. Don't let the agency waste your time with candidates who would never have met your needs. Have a clear set of instructions prepared.

Understand the legislation

If you have an HR department you will already have an expert who can sort out contracts, salaries and other legalities. If not, you need to make yourself aware of your legal requirements. We can help you with this and advise you on what you need to do. Before you start the recruitment process you need to be willing to meet the legal requirements of hiring staff.

Check out the candidates

The recruitment agency will be able to give you a few details about your candidates and in particular, their CV will point you in the right direction. But it is also important to do your own homework. This will include social network sites and general internet searches. Many people fail to realise that their Facebook and Twitter feeds give away lots of information about them – not all of it is good. Remember that they are allowed a life outside of work – but you can gain an insight into their personality by checking them out online.

Conduct the perfect interview

You have just 30 minutes to an hour with your candidate to assess them for a possible employment contract of many years. Getting it right is not only difficult, it is essential. You will be pleased to know that some of the hard work has been taken care of and only those people who suit the role will have been sent to you by the agency. But you still need to choose the eventual employee.

Take a look at our interview technique pages for candidates to get a grasp of the type of interviews you can conduct. We also offer personality testing to our clients as a free of charge service to help you understand your potential employee.

  • Put the candidate at ease by giving them a big smile and talking about something easy like the weather for a minute or two to relax them.
  • Explain the interview process, including how long it will take, what will be expected of them and any tasks they will be expected to perform.
  • Talk clearly and slowly and allow them to take their time with responses. No toe tapping, impatience or bored sighs...make eye contact and be friendly and polite.
  • Answer their questions as honestly as you can and if you can't answer (for privacy reasons or because you just don't know) tell them why and offer to find out.
  • When the interview is over give the candidate an idea of when they can expect a response and what the process will be if they are to return for a second interview.
  • Always stay aware of your expected outcome from the interview. Keep to the script and ask the questions you had planned. This isn't a chance for a chat – it is a fact finding mission and one which you should take every advantage of.

Keep CV's

While you think you may have found the perfect person – you never know how good they really are until they have been working with you for some time. It is wise to keep the details of other short-listed candidates for future reference just in case things don't work out. Your recruitment agency will be able to do this for you too. In doing this you are cutting out a large part of the recruitment process (the first interview) and this will save you time and money in the long run.