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A yearlong study conducted by a team from McKinsey & Co. - a study involving 77 companies and almost 6,000 managers and executives - concluded that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent.

I know you don't need to be told that there is a scarcity of talent. You want someone you can partner with, who can secure you great talent and do it quickly.

Take control of your recruitment–join hundreds of other tax teams who used our niche expertise to fill their difficult tax positions..

95% of our candidates are still in their placed jobs two years later.            95% of our candidates are still in their placed jobs two years later.

Our candidates enjoy an average salary increase of 5 – 15%.
Positions filled quickly gives you real savings.

Be matched to a role which fits your aspirations, desired culture and location.
Guarantee you meet the industry’s best, the top 20% performers.

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Finding the perfect fit couldn't be simpler! Apply in minutes and enjoy a stress-free experience, led by your own expert consultant.

Easy application

Easy application

To speak to a consultant just enter your name and email. That's it! We'll be in touch at a time that suits you.

Stress-free consultation

Stress-free consultation

You're not interested in the hard sell and neither are we. Tell us what you are looking for and we'll ensure that's what you get.

Matched to the perfect role


Matched to the perfect candidate

Interview candiates which fit your unique requirements.

Ace the interview with our tools

Ace the interview with our tools

Your consultant will prepare you for the interview and ensure you understand your future employees aspirations and their "key to hire".

Negotiate the offer

Negotiate the offer

Negotiating renumeration packages with a new employee can be awkward, so we'll arrange a fair deal for you.

Continued support

Continued support

The relationship doesn't end after we've placed your perfect candidate. We'll check in to make sure you're happy and assist with any niggles.

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How do you guarantee you meet the industry’s best, the top 20% performers, without wasting precious time?

As targets become more challenging, securing high quality talent is paramount. Creative Tax Recruitment is a leading tax search specialist based in London. We pride ourselves on being the search consultancy and enjoy nothing more than diving deep into our network to secure talented staff who can really add value to your team.

Our reach and depth of relationships across the industry enable us to secure ‘best in class’ performers, people outside of your network. 

We hear stories of employers meeting as many as a dozen ‘average’ tax professionals and still not securing the right person. Time is precious; you have better things to do. 

Securing high quality talent needs patience, skill and a well thought out recruitment plan.

We are adept at identifying the right talent for your specific organisation, convincing them to meet with you AND getting them to say yes to your offer. In our opinion the ability to achieve both are equally important in todays competitive market.

What we deliver

A study undertaken by LinkedIn found that 85% of “passive job seekers”are employed and satisfied with their position. Yet nearly half (45%) say they’d be willing to talk to a recruiter about a potential opportunity.

As executive search experts, we partner with you exclusively to secure a top 20% industry performer, achieving candidate acceptance in a significantly reduced timeline.

We have successfully delivered on assignments across a range of sectors over the last 10 years guaranteeing your money is well spent.

Our in-depth candidate assessment ensures you will meet first class talent and extend an offer.

Resourcing strategy

  • Bespoke questions and behavioral based interviews are designed for individual assignments.

  • Pre-submission character references are taken for everyone on the shortlist.

  • Candidates are presented with comprehensive reports and our rationale.
  • Weekly check-ins and clear delivery milestones on each assignment.

  • Partnering with us means you are in safe hands as we will get to understand your business, the role, and advise you at every step.

  • Market mapping, deep connections and our expertise means we know exactly where to look and who to discreetly engage.

  • Each assignment has a recruiter and a dedicated headhunter connecting with our extensive network and we won’t stop until the shortlist delights you.

What are the benefits of working with a search consultancy?

  • Candidates sourced specifically for your role.
  • A focused approach designed to generate candidates that are going to be interested in your position.
  • A thorough and extensive search of the market.
  • Time taken to understand your needs and specific requirement. 

Case study 

Head of a boutique tax consultant had a need to bring on a tax associate director. He was under pressure to grow his team as demanding clients meant that he needed more hands to deliver on the strategic goals and targets ogf his MD.

The challenge

  • To hire a senior tax candidate capable of contributing to the company growth.
  • To ensure his chosen candidate accepted his offer and was immune to a counter offer.
  • To find someone with a high level of technical expertise.
  • To ensure they joined before his existing director left.

The outcome

  • Secured a high level tax director with significant market experience.
  • Secured his preferred person before the existing director exited.
  • Secured someone with greater experience than anticipated.

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