About Creative Tax Recruitment

Have you had enough of not feeling in control of your career? At Creative Tax Recruitment, we understand.

We offer career control for tax professionals without taking the control out of your own hands.

Finding the perfect role for you really could not be any simpler.

Apply in minutes and you will have your very own expert consultant whose aim is to match you to your ideal role.

Our stress-free consultation is exactly that, stress free! It is in no way an interview or a formal meeting, it’s a chat to establish your goals and how we can help. You tell us what kind of role you are looking for and we go back to the office and match you up to an opportunity.

We don’t just send you off for any old interview, we try our best to match you to the perfect role for you. In order for you to succeed, we only match you to the roles that fit your individual requirements and help you reach your career aspirations within your desired culture and location.

When it comes to tax, we cover all specialisations including: corporate tax recruitment, international tax recruitment, transfer pricing recruitment, personal tax and trust recruitment, employment tax recruitment, expatriate tax recruitment and indirect tax recruitment that includes: VAT/GST, customs and international trade, there’s nothing we can’t help with!

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, it looks like it’s time for you to join hundreds of other tax professionals who are using our niche expertise to increase their salaries within a brand-new role.

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