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Creative Tax recruitment is a great place to work – it should be, we are in the business of recruitment, after all. We understand better than any other employer what it takes to find the best people and to be a better employer.

We want to encourage our staff to be successful, prosperous and above all to reach your full potential.  We believe in offering professional growth and personal achievement within the bounds of a nurturing and happy work environment. 

We fully admit that we set challenging targets and that we expect dedication from our staff, but in return we offer reward for effort and a package which is industry leading.

Our culture

We promise to listen and to take on board new ideas

We strive to never take the easy path, but to do things differently

We believe in sharing our profits with staff

What does it take to be a recruitment consultant?

If you are considering this as a new career path, you may be wondering what the role entails and whether you will be suited for the challenges ahead of you. Your role will involve the following:

  • Attracting and developing new and existing business. This will be done by making sales calls, having business meetings and producing mailings. You need to be confident enough to talk directly to potential clients and encourage them to take up our services.
  • Getting to know your clients and build a relationship with them based on professional and regular contact. You need to clearly understand their staffing requirements, the type of business they run and their workplace culture. This will allow you to send them them the right candidates to suit their needs.
  • Attract new candidates by advertising and via the website. This may involve writing some copy.
  • Screening the candidates by conducting an interview and assessing them on their skills, experience, career aspirations and suitability for the roles you have available.
  • Representing your candidates to clients and vice versa.
  • Being an intermediary between client and candidate from the very first referral through to the contract signing (and beyond). You will negotiate a salary and finalise the job offer.

Who will you be?

If you have experience in this profession or the taxation industry, you will be an ideal candidate for a recruitment role. However someone with a sales background who wants to develop their interpersonal and commercial skills would also be perfect.

Are you already experienced?

We know that working in recruitment is tough. You may be in a position where you are fed up with not receiving a decent salary, you may feel stale and without challenge or you don't like the pushy sales environment in your current workplace. We believe that people like you deserve to be properly recognised and would love to have a chat with you about continuing your career with us.

We think we are different – we foster a consultative approach and can compete with any other recruitment agency out there in terms of our financial package. We would love to speak to any experienced consultants who would like to be a part of a progressive and supportive culture

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