We think we are about the best specialist tax recruitment agency you will find but we understand that until you work with us, you will never know. We get it that until you know how great we are you are essentially taking a big risk. But we think we are well worth that risk and that we can prove our worth to you. 

We are specialists

Unlike most recruitment agencies, Creative Tax Recruitment is a taxation specialist. We don't do any other type of recruitment. This has allowed us to build a reputation which is unsurpassed and a knowledge of the industry which is rivalled by none. If you want to speak to people who know your industry inside and out and who have provided candidates at all levels for many years – you have come to the right place.

We have been around the block

Creative Tax Recruitment has been around for a while. We have the experience and passion for our craft that you get with many years in the industry. We have built a reputation and are often the first company those people who are looking for tax jobs come to. We have seen the highs and lows of the industry and understand the issues you may have had with your company and staffing levels in the past. We understand it all and work with you to resolve problems. Basically – we know our niche and have enough years behind us to stand by our product.

We have the best candidates

People come to us from far and wide because they know we are the best. We encourage the best clients and so the candidates know they are going to be offered the best roles. This leads to an environment where we have huge numbers of candidates to choose from at all levels. From entry level graduates who have gained great degrees from good universities, to those who have been in the taxation business for many years and are looking for high level roles. We attract them all and pass them on to you with careful vetting.

Our candidates love to travel

If you are based overseas and want a UK taxation specialist, we have plenty of people ready to fill these roles. Many people on our books would relish the opportunity to start fresh in another country and we are happy to negotiate a package for both parties which makes this option even more attractive. We can help you to attract the best candidates from a huge pool of incredible tax workers.

We offer a little bit more

As part of our package we offer you the chance to use our psychometric testing resource Peoplemap. This online test allows you to see the personality of the people you are interviewing – possibly before you have even met them. This cuts down on your recruitment time – saving you money and hopefully, preventing poor choices.

A dedicated consultant

When you contact us, we make sure that you always talk to one dedicated consultant who knows your needs inside and out. Having this one point of contact is an essential part of making the recruitment process as easy as possible. They will sit down with you and work out exactly what you needs are and will follow the process through until your candidate is chosen and working with you.