After the Interview

Contact your recruitment consultant to discuss the interview with them. You will be able to bring up any concerns or places where you wish you had said something different. Your consultant may have an opportunity to pass this on for you. This can really help when it comes to the second phase of interview.

Final things to bear in mind

Never stop practising your interview techniques.

Have a very clear knowledge of “your story” to allow you to react well in a chronological interview. You should be able to give a thorough run-down of your CV in around 90 seconds which includes your most recent position, your skills, responsibilities and your future career moves. Practise this speech.

Take this advice as a guide and try not to spend too long thinking about everything. You need to adapt to the interview style and being too specific about your preparation will cause problems.

For a more personalised interview preparation service try our Career Clinic – but also try other websites and resources for more interview techniques and advice.

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