Psychometric Test

Here at Creative Tax Recruitment our clients are offered the use of Peoplemap psychometric testing. This helps them to identify the right person for the role they are filling. 

This is an online test which can be used for all levels of tax staff. As part of your interview process you may be asked to complete this test (or similar ones) and as such, we thought it would be a great idea to explain the reasoning behind this type of testing.

Personality profiling

Otherwise known as psychometric testing, this is a way of measuring an individual's personality in a work situation. It does not judge or test a person's intelligence, skills or ability – but their general behaviour and demeanour.


The type of testing carried out by Peoplemap is based on Carl Jung' theories on cognitive personality. This means how they think, how they take on information and how they make sense of the world or make decisions. It is the first of its kind which is designed for online delivery and is not dependent on any fact to face contact.

Peoplemap use an online questionnaire which measures people on bi-polar scales. Individual responses are used to establish where on the scale the person is and what is their natural or most comfortable way of being.

Jung uses Rational and Irrational preference scales along with Extroverted and Introverted attitude scales. Based on an 80% validity rate, the candidate is assessed as being one of these or the other. The validity rate is confirmed using an assessment instrument measured against an external criteria. Peoplemap make sure these scales are kept very consistent.

The benefits of psychometric testing

• It gives the employer a snapshot of the behavior which is subconscious to most people. This means that they can recruit more effectively – choosing the right person for the right job.

• Employers are able to understand each individual better thus targeting training and development fore to their personality type. This make training more cost effective and will allow them to retain employees.

• It highlights those people who are team players and those who are better working on their own.

• It is useful for employees because it offers you an insight into your personality – those things which are positive and those things which might be changed for the better.

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