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Take control of your career–join hundreds of other tax professionals who used our niche expertise to increase their salaries within a brand-new role.


Apply in minutes and enjoy a stress-free experience, led by your own expert consultant.

Our candidates enjoy an average salary increase of 5 – 15%

Be matched to a role which fits your aspirations, desired culture and location.

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Finding the perfect fit couldn't be simpler! Apply in minutes and enjoy a stress-free experience, led by your own expert consultant.

Easy application

To apply just enter your name and email, then upload your CV. That's it! We'll be in touch at a time that suits you.

Stress-free consultation

You're not interested in the hard sell and neither are we. Tell us which roles you're looking for and we'll ensure that's what you get.


Matched to the perfect role

Interview for roles which fit your unique requirements regarding career aspirations, desired culture and locaton.

Ace the interview with our tools

Your consultant will prepare you for the interview and ensure both you and the employer get what's needed from the rolw.

Negotiate the offer

Negotiating renumeration packages with a new employer can be awkward, so we'll arrange a fair deal for you.

Continued support

The relationship doesn't end after we've placed you. We'll check in to make sure you're happy and assist with any new job  niggles.

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Don't just take our word for it. See what other tax professionals have to say about finding their new role with us.

I found Creative Tax Recruitment to be very helpful from our first meeting; they listened to what I wanted, gave me a detailed description of what the market could potentially offer me and gave me honest and upfront advice. I feel that my expectations were managed and met and they did not try to push me into a job that THEY wanted me to take - it was all about me.

– Tax Investigations Consultant

Creative Tax have a wide range of contacts both in practice and industy. I was very impressed by the way my agent handled my case. My agent both briefed and coached me well for the interviews. As a result, I now have landed myself in my dream job. I look forward to working with the Creative Tax team in the future.” 

– Corporate Tax Consultant

"I really enjoyed working with Creative Tax Recruitment and found the consultants to be attentive to my needs and aspirations. They worked hard to create good opportunities for me and helped me secure my first choice role. My agent James still stays in touch with me, over five months since I started the job and has proved that the development and maintenance of a good long-term relationship is a sincere part of the experience they offer."

– VAT Manager

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No matter what your area of tax expertise is, our consultants will find a role which meets your specific needs. Contact us for an easy chat about what is important to you.

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