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​You Have Gotten 10x Better at Your Job and Have Been "Thanked" with a 3% Pay Rise - What Do You Do Next?

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​You Have Gotten 10x Better at Your Job and Have Been "Thanked" with a 3% Pay Rise - What Do You Do Next?

Receiving a modest pay raise despite significant improvement in your job performance can be both confusing and frustrating. Here’s a strategic approach to handling the situation constructively and ensuring your career continues to progress:

1. Evaluate Your Performance Objectively

Start by ensuring your assessment of your improvement is objective. Gather concrete evidence of your enhanced performance, including achievements, responsibilities added, targets exceeded, and any commendations from peers or supervisors.

2. Research Market Salaries

Investigate the current market salaries for your role in similar firms ( send us an email for more information on salaries ). This will provide a benchmark to understand whether your pay rise is in line with market standards for the level of contribution and improvement you have shown.

3. Prepare Your Case

Compile your achievements and the market research data to build a strong case for a more substantial raise. Be prepared to articulate how your contributions have positively impacted your team clearly. Highlight specific examples and tie them to measurable outcomes, such as cost savings, revenue generation, or efficiency improvements.

4. Request a Meeting with Your Manager

Schedule a formal meeting with your manager to discuss your performance and compensation. Present your case calmly and professionally, focusing on the value you have added to the team and the company. Express appreciation for the recognition you have already received, but assertively convey that the pay increase does not reflect the market standards or the extent of your contributions.

5. Assess Your Firm and Team

Evaluate the progression opportunities within your firm and team. Are there genuine avenues for advancement? Understanding whether there are clear career paths and potential for growth can influence your decisions about staying or seeking opportunities elsewhere. This discussion can also provide insights into the company’s future plans and how you might fit into them.

6. Discuss Your Career Path and Future Contributions

Use this meeting not only to negotiate a better raise but also to discuss your career path within the company. Ask for feedback on areas of improvement and express your goals and aspirations. Understanding your future in the company can give you a clearer idea of your potential earnings and growth opportunities.

7. Be Open to Alternatives

If a direct increase in salary is not immediately possible, be open to discussing other forms of compensation, such as bonuses, additional benefits, or more flexible working conditions. Sometimes companies have more flexibility in these areas than in base salary adjustments.

8. Decide Your Next Steps Based on the Outcome

If the conversation leads to a satisfactory outcome, continue to excel in your role while maintaining open lines of communication about your career progress. If the outcome is unsatisfactory and no clear path for advancement or appropriate compensation is provided, it might be time to consider looking for opportunities elsewhere where your contributions would be more valued. Sometimes, a change of environment can provide the recognition and career advancement that you are looking for.

9. Continue to Develop Professionally

Regardless of the immediate outcome, continue to invest in your professional development to enhance your skills and marketability. This not only prepares you for future opportunities, whether within or outside the current company, but also positions you as a continually evolving and valuable employee.


Navigating the conversation about pay raises requires preparation, tact, and sometimes patience. By approaching the situation with a clear understanding of your value and open communication, you can enhance your chances of achieving a fair compensation package. Remember, it’s about the pay rise and ensuring your long-term career growth and satisfaction. And if your current company doesn’t recognise your worth, moving jobs might be the best step to take.

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