The 7 Signs that it's time for a career change

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The 7 Signs that it's time for a career change


Do you get the Sunday evening dread? That lurch in your stomach when you know that you have work in under 12 hours?

If so, that’s a telling sign. Are you in the wrong job entirely, or, have you just outgrown your current position?

Here are 7 ways to tell when it’s time for a change:


#1 It’s just about the money
When the paycheck rolls in, and you’re still no happier, that’s when you know that your hard work isn’t all that you value. 

If you find yourself just hanging on for your Christmas bonus but spending the whole year listless and depressed, chances are it’s time to review your career options.

#2 Your body is telling you
Do you get to work stressed? Find yourself always coming down with headaches, neck aches or have low energy?

Your body is telling you that a career change is not only wanted but needed. Even if you rationalise the warning signs and tell yourself it’s a one-off, over time, you’ll notice a pattern that your body doesn’t feel comfortable at work anymore.


#3 You’re not growing or making a difference
Do you not recognise yourself anymore? Have you become stagnant, doing the same things all the time?

Or do you feel like your work isn’t meaningful, or making a difference to anyone?


#4 You’re always dreaming about doing something else
Can you remember the last time you felt energised by an idea at work? Or when you were undertaking a project, you were invigorated by?

If you find you’re dreaming about doing something else with your days, it’s probably time to switch careers.

Work should be a source of joy, not a draining activity.


#5 You can’t get on with your coworkers
Every workplace has their fair share of difficult people. But when the people you work with become a hindrance to your growth or a strong negative influence in your life, it could be a sign to move on to pastures new.

If you’ve tried to repair the relationship, but you’re at a stalemate, chances are you’re more likely to be appreciated elsewhere.


#6 You’re jealous of your friend’s jobs
Do you find yourself secretly wishing you had a job like your close friend? Perhaps they’re in a bigger firm or get more company perks. Or they’re in an entirely different field from you, and you’d love to have the kind of they have at work.


#7 You’re bored
You find yourself scrolling - a lot. When you should be doing work, you’re hopping over to Sky Sports. Or Linkedin. Or Facebook.

Anything and everything serves as a distraction, and you find yourself being pulled away to anything that doesn’t involve work - even grabbing yourself copious cups of tea or coffee. If that’s the case, you’re probably not that motivated to do your job anymore.


Feel like this resonates? If you’ve realised that staying in your job is doing you more harm than good, there’s a few things to do.

Gather evidence: Write down all the ways that you’re dissatisfied in your current position. The more evidence you have that making a change will be beneficial for you all-round, the more motivation you’ll have actually to make the change. Keep a diary of how things go over the course of a few weeks or a month.

Define your values, skills, and strengths:
What things do you like about your job? Or were there things that you did like, but are now no longer part of your remit? Think about the aspects of your career that get you really fired up and passionate. If there’s nothing at all, a new career entirely may be on the cards, rather than a change of job or company.

Formulate a plan:
Now you’ve identified you need to go; it’s time to put a plan of action together. Find out what your focus will be, and dedicate a portion of time each week to build your new vision. This should get you excited again about the future and where you’re headed.




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