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How to get promoted in the age of Zoom and home working

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How to get promoted in the age of Zoom and home working


In 2020, we heard the well-repeated phrases ‘you’re on mute!’ and ‘you’re frozen!’ multiple times, through the numerous hours we all spent on Zoom.

Forced with this new way of working, many struggled to adapt to a life where the boundaries of work and home become blurred.

With the kids around our ankles and the dog needing a walk, it became tiring as the once professional stature of the office shifted to a makeshift office in a spare bedroom, perhaps wearing comfortable joggers and slippers to work.

How can professionals still manage to impress, and even get promoted in the age of a global pandemic?

Without the transparency of the office, showing up consistently and reliably is a must. 

Communicate to your peers and managers with the right tone:

There’s no way we can judge a facial expression from an email, so as we rely on it more heavily, it’s essential to manage your responses - especially from your boss.

A salesman in this BBC piece says: “when you get an email from them, you have to study the tone, and it is the same for Zoom calls.”

Be friendly and professional, no matter what:

Politeness and friendliness are the order of the day. Even though your toddler may have asked you for a drink seventeen times, the washing machine is whirring, and the Amazon man’s at the door with Christmas deliveries.

Make sure your colleagues know how much work you are doing:

Hopefully, you’ll be getting weekly reviews with your boss. If not, keeping a log of achievements week by week will ensure that when you do come to chat next, you’ll be able to go through a highlights reel of your wins and celebrations.

Be liked:

Pretty obvious, but it’s essential to have friends in the company you work for. Being appreciated and respected is the engine that greases the wheels of your career trajectory. Take your firm's values seriously and cultivate relationships with those in your peer group.

Work for a firm with growth potential: This is especially important in today’s industry. How can you find a fast-growing company? This kind of firm expands rapidly, so there will be plenty of scope to climb the career ladder.

Be replaceable: 

You won’t move up the ranks if you’re too good at what you do, and you’re the only person in the firm that does it. Ensure you document your processes, and make everything easy should you want to hand over the reins. You can even let your boss know you’d be happy to train a subordinate.

Ultimately, working online in the age of Zoom and hoping for a promotion is all about getting noticed. That means continuing to forge relationships (even virtually!), continuing to deliver high levels of service, and making sure your boss knows exactly how much value you’re regularly contributing.

By showing your calmness in today’s chaotic world, you’re much more likely to be promoted as the business knows they can count on you, despite challenging circumstances.

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