Why Do So Many Recruiters Never Listen To You?

Published 3 months ago by Medet Ali


“Why do these idiots keep telling me about jobs I have no interest in? I have told them what I want, why won’t they listen? Why won’t recruiters listen?”

Does that sound familiar?
You can spend anything up to an hour explaining to a recruiter what is important to you. You can spend all that time telling them why you are looking to move, your frustrations, your needs and what’s important to you in your next role.
That’s up to 60 mins of your life you will not get back and countless hours in wasted interviews.

The recruiter should be listening, but really what they’re doing is waiting  long enough to “sell you” on their open positions. 
So why don't recruiters listen?
Their goals do not necessarily align with yours. 

A lot of recruiters aren’t measured by how happy their clients are. 

A lot of recruiters have targets to meet. 

Targets that have nothing to do with customer satisfaction or providing a high level of service.
They have numbers to hit and jobs to fill. 

For many of them, their work is more like an assembly line rather than a catered service to you. 

They want you in and out of the door as soon as possible so they have another tick in their record.
It’s not necessarily their fault, either. They have managers who are under pressure to perform and who pass on that pressure to their consultants. So, everyone is stuck in a constant rat race of catching up with the next milestone.
They have the time and focus they need to spend on making you feel welcome, but when that’s done, you’re effectively treated as just another name on the list.

With these agents, you’re not the customer, you’re the product, and these agencies will always be beholden to those doing the hiring rather than those being hired.
If that sounds dumb, that's because it is.
Why do most of my industry still work this way despite evidence that suggests it leads to high levels of dissatisfaction?

Good question.
Why do employers make you stay late, with no benefits other than “it looks good?”.
Why did Coco-Cola change its best-selling recipe?
I have no idea. The “decision makers” behind these choices rarely have much sense to their decisions in the first place.
This is how we work:

You tell us what you want from your next move.

We match you to employers that are a great fit, based on the information you have given us. 

We focus on more than skills but place heavy emphasis on the preference and culture fit, as well.
We prepare you for the interview. 

You receive an offer from an employer of your choice once the application and interview go excellently. 

We negotiate a package you are happy with, taking into account your needs. 

You launch into the next phase of your career and hopefully you don’t find yourself dealing with recruiters for a long time again.
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