Don't stress about your commute to London - work closer to home.

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From Forbes to World-Class Universities, it is a commonly discussed finding that the longer the commute the higher a person’s stress levels. 

We’ve all had to give the excuse of ‘bad traffic’ or ‘delayed trains’ at least once. How about getting some of that wasted time back? How about a job closer to home?

We have a number of tax positions in locations that include:  Cambridge, East Anglia, Bucks, Hertfordshire, Surrey , Sussex and Kent.

London is a terrific place to work with lots of opportunities, but sometimes your priorities are closer to home. You may also be surprised to find what some organisations can offer you in terms of career prospects in firms outside of London. Let me know if you are thinking of working closer to home or even relocating. We may just be able to help. 

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