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Why wait for the New Year to secure a new tax career?

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Why wait for the New Year to secure a new tax career?


“When is the best time to look for a new role? Now or in the New Year?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that we tend to hear at this time of year.

My general response, for most of the year, is the same as it is now; when it comes to looking for a new opportunity, the best time is nearly always the present. Waiting for the perfect time to take action on anything is usually a waste of time. Like most things in life, taking action is what counts. 

There are even specific benefits to starting your job search now, as opposed to in the New Year. Whilst other professionals will delay things until the New Year, you will be searching in a much less congested market.

Going out on interview and securing a new opportunity now, means you are ready to start in the New Year afresh, safe in the knowledge you will be stepping into a new challenge in 2018.

Why not contact us for confidential conversation about your own unique circumstances? You can ask questions about the market and decide for yourself. 


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