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There are lots of reasons why winter could be considered the worse half of the year....

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There are lots of reasons why winter could be considered the worse half of the year....

There are lots of reasons why winter could be considered the worse half of the year. We are forced into wearing half our wardrobes out of the fear of the cold biting at any exposed skin, we go to work in the dark and return in the dark due to the shorter days and heaven forbid there be a flurry of snow causing all public transport to grind to a halt. 

However, it’s also a time of general merriment. The mulled wine is brought out, most people will get a break from work and spend their time with family and friends. The world seems to pause giving you time to really focus on what is important in life. It’s a time of reflection. Am I truly happy? Have I achieved everything I wanted to this year? 


Now we all know that happiness and contentment are not constant states and they flow in and out of our daily lives like the crisp December breeze. However, despite the regular trials and tribulations of our working lives, we should have an overall sense of fulfilment or purpose. The something that makes getting out of bed not so much of a chore in the cold mornings. 


Luckily, the holiday season is followed closely by a period of rejuvenation and the New Year turns the page on the previous chapter of your life and allows you a fresh start. It’s a time to shake off the shackles that have been holding you back and strive for what you really want this year.


Now you can have the most well laid plans for this time of this year but the holidays are never that simple. There’s just too much to be done! We are frequently distracted by getting the house ready for nomad family and friends passing through, trying to find meaningful presents amongst the mountains of commercial junk and buying more food than we could ever hope to eat in one sitting. 

Before you know it you’ll be back at work getting stuck into the New Year workload and somehow you’ve missed the golden opportunity to put all your New Year resolutions into play. 


So what is the key to breaking this cycle? Preparation! Now, I’m sure you have already started stockpiling presents because you don’t want to leave it to the last minute and risk not achieving what you set out to do. The same logic should apply to your career. 


Now I can hear the internal panic ‘I don’t have time to trawl through all those job adverts to find the right place for me especially while juggling festive preparations!’ Well, that’s fine. The good news is you don’t have to.


You do, however, need to find an hour or two for yourself. You need to work out what exactly you want to achieve in the coming year and what steps you need to take to achieve it. 


You may not even have to consider a new job at all. Maybe your career goals for the year can be achieved by taking on more responsibility in your current role, asking for more of the type of projects you enjoy or telling your boss you want to work towards a promotion. 


On the other hand, sometimes you can’t achieve what you want to where you are. That’s not to say you aren’t happy where you are. You can be very happy at a firm but it still not offer you what you ultimately want this year. This is where we come in. It is our job to listen to you, learn what your career goals are and then consult with you on how you can achieve them. It’s a job we take very seriously. We can talk to you about the state of the current market and about opportunities available right now that could offer you what you’re looking for. We can also put in a good word with the decision makers to get you a job that might not even reach the vacancies page of their website. 


Give us a call on 0207 464 4240, or drop us an email so you can cross career off your new year’s resolutions before you have even written it. What a weight off your shoulders eh?


Oh and Seasons Greetings from the Creative Tax Team! 

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