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Adverts Don't Work – Recruiters Do

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Adverts Don't Work – Recruiters Do

The mere fact that you have reached this article means that you are probably considering looking for a new position. Perhaps it is something that is on the horizon or maybe you are actively searching – either way you have a new career on your mind.


You may have already noticed that there are plenty of agency adverts that sound much like one another. So, how do you make the right choice when there is nothing to differentiate the options? 


It is worth bearing in mind that you are searching for representation – not just a role. Even if the job seems perfect and you get to interview stage, you could still; find that the agency you have chosen has misled you – deliberately or otherwise. The role that looked so good in the advert was actually misrepresented and doesn't have the perks you expected, the salary is lower than you thought and the prospects are not as attractive as described. This is understandably frustrating and can lead even the most patient to contemplate giving up on their job search.


“It is vital to learn everything about your client and make sure you understand the role, personalities, and prospects on offer. “ Says Victoria  Knowles of Creative Tax Recruitment. "  “I make the effort to get to know my candidate intimately and then work hard to find them the right role. You have to take a proactive approach in this market. This is the only way to ensure you are presenting the maximum ( and most relevant) possible opportunities to the people you represent.”


Taking a proactive role to job hunting involves so much more than simply looking at job adverts – it means actively ensuring the agent you have chosen is right for your needs. Knowing the right way to research the recruitment agency is vital when it comes to being successful in your job hunt.


“Research” says Medet Ali of Creative Tax Recruitment. “An agency website is not a bad place to start. However, most agencies look good on the internet or in print. Ultimately nothing beats a personal approach. Contact the agency and see how they deal with you. It’s the people that count, not just the brand behind them. If you don’t feel confident about the person you are dealing with, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from moving on” 


That makes sense. But what specifically will help you to choose the right recruitment consultant when it comes to getting that next step on your career? What are processes that should be taken to ensure you can climb that ladder without falling off at the first hurdle?


“Matching the right person to the right role is a skill, and not one that simply relies on sending out CVs and keeping your fingers crossed” says Sharon Gordon of Creative Tax Recruitment. “You need to ensure that the consultant you are dealing with can provide you with a personalised service. A recruiter who skips this process and starts talking about his/her roles, before they have made the effort to understand you, is more likely to be interested in filling an existing role then acting for you”


It may seem that agencies work in this way – they have the roles and then find the right people to fill them. Well, not always...


“A lot depends on the agency. A lot of executive search firms can certainly have a remit they are looking to fill. However, this should not stop the agency from taking an active interest in you as a professional. “Says Medet Ali.Judge the agent by what they say, and then what they do on your behalf. If they can’t get the first part right, then move on. “ 


So in summary….

The right recruitment agency for you is the one that wants to develop a relationship with you and understand your needs from the outset. They will then act on those requirements by searching out the very best jobs for you. This is a two way process and needs your input too – you can help your own job search by being proactive and finding out more about your recruitment agency. Are they really the right one for you and your needs?


Why us? *


As part of our on-going commitment, you will benefit from a number of advantages that come in dealing with a niche consultancy such as a pro-active approach to your job search (we will not sit around waiting for the right role to appear); effective salary negotiation on your behalf and a dedicated consultant to discuss your requirements.


* we are a specialised tax recruitment agency and can only assist people with this background. 




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