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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Looking For a New Role

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Looking For a New Role


Many of us sit at our desk hour after hour daydreaming about the moment we can walk away from our demanding boss or annoying workmates and find the job we have always dreamed of.


Unfortunately most of us never get past the point of Google searches and maybe updating our CV. That final step of applying never happens. Reasons are complex but all of them can be overcome through the use of careful planning and by putting yourself in the driving seat. Of course a great recruiter will always help too! 


Fear of change - it is all too easy to become comfortable in your current role.  You know your place,  how to do the job and it is easy.


Sometimes the fear of change is also the best reason in the world to look for a new job. It is all too easy to become complacent in a role that you know well. You can start to under-perform and maybe lose that spark that keeps work interesting and inspiring. Try to look at the idea of change as a positive and revel in all the new and interesting things you will learn in your new role.


Fear of less money -  you may think that a new role will result in less money or having to climb the ladder again.


It is rare that you will take a step backwards in terms of pay when you go for a new job – moving to a new role  (in our experience) can mean anything between a  6-18% increase in your salary. However, if it is a career change into another discipline, then a slight dip in income may occur. This rarely lasts long and part of your negotiation with your new boss is to work out a schedule of pay reviews and a starting wage you are happy with.


Fear of losing position - you may fear that you will fall to the bottom of the office hierarchy which can feel like a step backwards


It is true that you will have to prove your worth when you move to a new role – but this needn't be a problem. See it as a challenge and an opportunity to offer fresh perspectives that your new employer will welcome. Your new employer has hired you because they recognise your talent and want you to contribute and progress. You will quickly gain your place within the office hierarchy, by displaying what you can do.


Fear of ridicule - what if it doesn't work out?  You may simply fear that you won't like the new role and that you will hear those immortal words " I told you so".


But you will never know unless you try. Your new job may turn out to be less than you expected and maybe you won't enjoy it, but if you don't try you will always wonder. You will be respected for giving something a go rather than coasting along waiting for things to change.


Feel the fear


Nobody will blame you for feeling concern or even fear when you are thinking about a new role – it is natural. It is how you deal with it that is the important thing. We have compiled a few things you may wish to think about before taking that first step back on the job hunting market. Remember that by being in control you can mitigate all the fears you may have and achieve the results you deserve.


Use fear to your advantage


That adrenaline feeling that comes with fear is actually very useful.  It can spur you into action through the way it stops you thinking about anything else. Until you take action and apply for that role the feeling won't go away.


Research carefully


Of course the best laid plans are the ones that work out. When you are thinking about that new job, do your homework. It will calm the fear to be as prepared as possible.  Research the roles you are interested in, make sure you have the right skills and then find the right recruiter to suit your industry.  


Make a plan


Right from the very beginning of your job hunting you need to know where you are going and how you will get there. Knowing those steps and following them in the right order is crucial.  Your steps might be:


  • Research your industry
  • Update your CV
  • Contact a specialist recruiter
  • Research the employer then apply for roles
  • Attend interviews
  • Negotiate your salary along with your recruiter
  • Get the contract you want and deserve


Essentially losing the fear when it comes to finding a new job comes down to you being in control.  If you make the decisions then you can feel happy about your choices.


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