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Don’t let your ideal tax opportunity pass you by - take control of your career– join hundreds of other tax professionals living and working in Somerset who used our niche expertise to increase their salaries within a brand-new role. Not all jobs are posted online or advertised in Tax Advisor. The reality, as you may know, is that a great number of tax positions aren't ever broadcast to the general public, whether for reasons of discretion or time. However, that doesn't mean you can't find out... find out more →

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- London

Fast growing firms = fast track careers Working for a firm that has limited growth potential will severely curtail your ability to advance. This is an obvious statement, but one that gets ignored more often than you might imagine. Fast growing firms will need to hire and promote. If your team is expanding and has a desperate need to promote, even standard performance can lead to promotion. Partners may not like to promote average performing staff, but I have seen them do it over and over agai... find out more →

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