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£65000 - £72000 per annum, Benefits: Fast track to director - Cambridge

Consultancy work in a fast growing firm. This is a firm that has grown and built a reputation on providing high quality advice. The partners tends to be more dynamic and forward thinking then a lot of firms you traditionally encounter in Cambridge. This has created a modern thinking business, which gives its employees the opportunity to contribute to the firms decision making process - how many firms can you say that about? The role: You will be part of a niche tax consultancy team working on... find out more →

Ref: 4776a | Published: 6 days ago
£47000 - £50000 per annum, Benefits: Fast track careers - London

You know you are capable of more. You’ve been building up your skills and observing the top performers in your team. You have run with responsibilities normally undertaken by more senior team members You now want the opportunity to demonstrate what you can do, but due to circumstances beyond your control, progression is denied you. Moving for a new role, or rather moving for the right role will guarantee you the promotion and responsibility that are rightfully yours. Are you going to stay sit... find out more →

Ref: 4767 | Published: 6 days ago
Competitive - London

Most people crave an opportunity that will allow them to play a key role in developing the success of an organisation. I have an option that will allow you to do just that .This is a modern business with a great culture, that encourages independent thought and ideas. The company has grown in spectacular fashion over the last five years and had ambitious plans to further this growth by expansion and innovation. There will be a number of challenges over the next few years, that will offer you t... find out more →

Ref: 4791 | Published: 6 days ago
£55000 - £60000 per annum - Reading

The global presence of this firm has been celebrated through numerous awards, regarding the firms’ knowledge of the sector, their innovation around the world and the strength of their relationships in over 130 countries. The substantial and continuous growth of the firm, both in the UK and abroad, is being sustained through a shared enterprise scheme; exemplified by the John Lewis Partnership. This firm are bringing the employee and the shareholder together – engaging with employees at all le... find out more →

Ref: 5571 | Published: 6 days ago
£43000 - £46000 per annum, Benefits: Wide range of benefits - London

Want to deal with larger clients? This Top 10 firm offers you the opportunity to deal with entrepreneurs, listed organisations and complex international businesses. This is a top tier firm with a sizeable international network. The tax practice has doubled in the last five years and the firm has seen a double digit increase in the last twelve months. The partners have a clear strategic vision for the practice and this is a top tier firm that is going places. You will run a portfolio of high l... find out more →

Ref: 396 | Published: 6 days ago