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We spend most of our time at work, even more time than we spend with our family, so it becomes much more than just a job. The job we do each day is one way we define ourselves, our value and how others perceive us. Not just in terms of our salary, but also the culture we work in and who we surround ourselves with.

There is often a pinnacle point when people start to question if they’re really doing what they want and on the right path to reaching their true potential. It may be that you’re feeling this way too and if you are, you’re definitely not alone.

You might feel like you are not being given the level of responsibility you desire, you’re not involved in decisions and you’re generally not valued within the organisation you work. You may feel that your circle of friends are progressing at a much faster rate than you are. 

Feeling despondent is one thing, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you want to do. You might find yourself looking through endless job adverts, without really getting the inspiration you desire.

This is why it can be useful to speak to an experienced recruitment consultant and have an honest, confidential chat about your career aspirations.

At Creative Tax, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you decide on the right role and we can help you secure your next job. Our conversations are completely confidential so your current employer will never know you’re looking for a new job.

If you’re feeling a little discontent with your career at the moment, it would make sense to arrange a chat and take it from there. Let us know a good time to call you and we’ll be sure to get in touch.